Different Kitchen Cabinet Styles 

The cabinets you pick will make a huge influence on your kitchen. Fortunately, there is a cabinet style to fit any design, from contemporary to traditional to rustic.  

To help you choose the best one for you, here are several various kitchen cabinet styles that you can choose for your kitchen cabinet installation project.  


This style existed in response to the mass-produced and overly-decorative furniture of the late 1800s. The craftsman style is characterized by minimal ornamentation, quality construction, and straight lines. Oftentimes, craftsman cabinets are made from heavy woods like maple, cherry, hickory, or quarter-sawn oak. Usually, instead of being painted, they are left in their natural wood state. 


Just like traditional cabinet styles, country cabinets are intended to offer a down-home, timeless, and cozy vibe. Oftentimes, they come in bead-board, raised-panel, and other decorative variants. For country cabinets, wood is a well-known option, as well as painted doors in colors such as cream, pale blue, mint green, and butter yellow. To improve the cabinet look even further, milk paint or distressing techniques might be applied over paint.  


Oftentimes, slab cabinets go hand-in-hand with contemporary style. However, they could come with an even more modern appearance. The slab is often known as a flat-panel cabinet. It is defined by its low-maintenance appeal and simple style. Because they need less labor and material, slab cabinets are quite affordable to make. Also, they are simple to clean because there aren’t any corners, crannies, or nooks for dust or spills to gather.  


In general, contemporary cabinets feature simple hardware, minimal ornamentation, and flat surfaces. This offers your house an unfussy and clean look. This style of cabinet is an ideal option for a small kitchen. Since it does not require molding, your cabinets can be as tall as you want and it offers more storage in places that do not have horizontal storage space. In contemporary kitchen cabinets, materials utilized are typically man-made. This includes manufactured wood, glass, plastic, concrete, or metal.  


Oftentimes, rustic cabinet styles reflect a mountain or country lifestyle with the use of lots of wood, warm colors, and large cabinets with elegant character and detail in the form of imperfections and knots. Rustic cabinets might be left matte or rugged instead of using glossy stain finishes. This is to highlight the authentic feel of the wood. To complement the style of the cabinet, you can use wrought-iron or rubbed-brass hardware. 


This type of cabinet highlights a functional, clean, and simple style. Characteristics of shaker include neutral paint hues such as gray or white, natural wood finishes, and flat-paneled doors with rail frames.  

Nowadays, since it offers a casual and classic look, shaker kitchen cabinets are a popular trend. They lend to any style of kitchen. This includes contemporary to traditional.  


Usually, this type of cabinet features more detail, often in the form of bead-board styles or raised-panel doors. Colors vary from reds and tans to creams and clean whites. Also, there is a huge range of wood hues.  

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